The European Institute of Molecular Magnetism

The strategic interest of research in Molecular Magnetism was highlighted by the European Commission in 2005 through the awarding of the Network of excellence MAGMANet. With more than 20 nodes, belonging to 10 different countries, its goal was to give rise to a Durable Integrating Structure (DIS). In the aftermath of this Network, its partners created the European Institute of Molecular Magnetism (EIMM) on March 18, 2008. In 2014, EIMM became an international non-profit association under Belgian law.

The Purpose of EIMM is to provide organizational, technical and financial support to its partners. For this, the Institute will promote and coordinate their participation in activities aimed to help them in several areas such as scientific development, training, research funding, searching of industrial partners, technology transfer and creation of spin-offs, and conception of enabling technologies and solutions along the value chain.

The EIMM vision is that of becoming a center of excellence in Europe for research and training as well as a world leading reference in the area of Molecular Magnetism.

The EIMM pursues its mission through the annual elaboration of a Research Roadmap which indicates the priority areas where to address scientific efforts having the aim to be a knowledge-based, market oriented network designed to facilitate rapid exploitation of R&D results and know-how.

Specific targets of EIMM are:
To promote, coordinate and perform multidisciplinary research, education, technological advancement in the area of Molecular Magnetism in Europe, optimizing the efforts and the utilization of resources of its members.
To promote the development of the European level facilities needed to perform research at internationally competitive level.
To provide a single reference point for International partnerships and collaborations, offering the full spectrum of the best European Research and facilities in the Molecular Magnetism area.
To offer a single reference point to Industry for expert advice and problem solving.
To promote the public understanding of Molecular Magnetism and an awareness of its implications especially in the areas of information science, healthcare/biomedicine, safety and security devices.