The European Institute of Molecular Magnetism

List of Research Topics available for the PhD students

The topics of the PhD research projects are of course directly related to the main research topics of the EIMM and are given below:
Within these main topics a PhD student can select, in harmony with his/her local PhD supervisor, a more specific topic. This can be a different group of metal ions, or a different class of ligands.

1. Switchable magnetic materials subtopics:
Photo-induced magnetism in molecules and molecular solids
Coherent photo-switching
New switchable materials
Photo-physical and photo-excitation processes
Devices and applications
2. Conducting magnets subtopics:
Novel organic/inorganic conducting ferromagnets
Chiral conducting ferromagnets
Conductivity and optical activity in materials
Synthetic routes to increase the d electron interactions between sub-lattices
Purely organic magnetic conductors
Switchable magnetic conductors or superconductors
3. Molecular nanomagnets subtopics:
Materials with a high anisotropy barrier
Understanding the quantum behaviour of MNMs:
Theoretical studies of MNMs. (adequate models for dynamics of magnetisation)
Use neutron scattering to characterise energy levels and spin dynamics of MNMs
Use NMR spectroscopy to understand the microscopic spin dynamics
Use of MNMs as contrast agents in MRI (Magnetic resonance imaging)
Study innovative techniques like microscopy to address mono-layers of MNMs
Exploit totally new molecules
4. Nanostructured materials subtopics:
Preparation of molecular templates for industrial application developing devices
Techniques for assembling and addressing molecular magnetic nanostructures