The European Institute of Molecular Magnetism

The European Institute of Molecular Magnetism consortium, resulting from the NoE MAGMANet, decided to create an international non-profit association: the Association European Institute of Molecular Magnetism, with acronym EIMM.

The Purpose of EIMM is to provide organizational, technical and financial support to its partners. For this, the Institute will promote and coordinate their participation in activities aimed to help them in several areas such as scientific development, training, research funding, searching of industrial partners, technology transfer and creation of spin-offs, and conception of enabling technologies and solutions along the value chain.

The EIMM vision is that of becoming a center of excellence in Europe for research and training as well as a world leading reference in the area of Molecular Magnetism.

To reach these Objectives, EIMM shall carry out research, experimentation and development activities alone or in collaboration with other public and/or private proposers, in order to obtain results in the field of molecular magnetism, applicable in setting of specific innovative projects, and/or to develop patents, methodologies, prototypes and existing technology, derived from public and industrial research. EIMM shall provide support to coordinate activities of its members on Molecular Magnetism, in terms of training, industrial collaboration, patent protection and development of methodologies, prototypes and implementation of existing technology. The Association shall help in the preparation of "innovation" consortia but shall not take directly part into these.

The Association shall collaborate with the European Union for the implementation of European framework programmes on research, technological development and demonstration.